[Monstrous Bear Hugs] EU Horde PvP/PvE Semi HC

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<Monstrous Bear Hugs> Horde EU PvP morning / daytime raiding guild

Who are we?
Our main focus is PvE raiding, but we will also be doing guild world PvP and guild premades for BGs and massacre alliance filth! We are an officer core of old-school wow players since the EU open beta. However, now with jobs and family, we cannot no-life like in the old days, but as we still want to raid and progress seriously we are seeking likeminded people.
We are an English speaking guild (lots of Brits), but we do welcome people of all nationalities!

How do we raid?
We raid mainly at 10-13/14 CEST, during the weekend and Monday/ Tuesday. Our members have jobs, families etc, so we want to be flexible. We are semi-hardcore. We want to clear all raids, but without strict min-max policies. The most important is to have fun together. That said, we are raiding to progress through the content, and so we will aim to use a strong raid composition when possible. People who slack with preparation/performance or hoard their DKP may find they lose out on raid spots in favour of those who work harder. The idea is to raid 2-3 times per week, 3-4 hours per raid, depending on the content available/progression.

How about drops?
Loot will be handled with open-bid zero-sum DKP with a small regular decay to discourage hoarding. We won't use Loot Council. We won't tell people to pass loot to more overpowered classes. Some common sense restrictions such as MS > OS and tank priority for Thunderfury will however of course apply.

Who are we looking for?
The target audience is especially people who want to clear all PvE raid content in Classic, but would be willing to raid around noon CET. Beginners etc. are also very welcome as the most important is to create a Vanilla WoW community. The more hardcore people will gladly help new people learn and journey though the game!
If interested, please have a look at our discord or forum.

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