<hips dont lie> [H] | EU-PvP | Hardcore-PvP Focus | Loot council | 19:00-23:00 CET | Shazzrah (Subject to change)

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<hips dont lie> [H] | EU-PvP | Hardcore-PvP Focus | Loot council | 19:00-23:00 CET | Shazzrah (Subject to change)

<hips dont lie> is a hardcore PvP guild that consists of a core of about 15-20 who’ve been playing together throughout the last 3-4 years of private servers, with some members who've have been active in the vanilla scene since Feenix in 2012 as well as way back in retail. Even though we are mainly a PvP focused squad, core players has achieved some server firsts such as Ragnaros on privates, and various firsts on retail. Although our main objective is the PVP aspect of world of warcraft we will always be raiding but mainly to gear for pvp, we will never be competing over clearing times or server firsts.

-Having the strongest premade running on our server.
-Constantly harassing enemy factions going into raids/ competing over worldbosses.
-Putting MC and Onyxia on farm as soon as possible.
-Clearing all future content in a timely and efficient manner, in a drama free environment.

EXPECTATIONS: We expect you to show up with all the attainable consumables for your class. Flask might happen depending on cost and necessity within the progress-stage. Every player must pickup engineering to be able to use sapper during world pvp with a few exceptions such as herb/alchemists.

We will be raiding Tuesdays and Wednesdays 19:00-23:00 CET. As we will be clearing farm content in one day up until AQ release, we will raid all content on pre-reset tuesday, and after reset wednesday to have 13 days free to pvp and to minimalize respec cost

There will be a loot council which is always taking attendance, effort & performance into consideration. These three aspects will ultimately be the deciding factor when it comes to giving out loot.

: Feel free to join our discord or contact Zurphora#6784, beem#3324, swedish#8011 (Art) or Toorq#1933 if you have any questions.

DISCORD: https://discord.gg/fT4P4kG
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