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Profane Oath [Casual]

Who we are:

We are a casual guild mainly focused on PvE content. Our core consists of norwegians who have been friends and played games together since childhood, all with 10+ years of WoW experience. There will be tons of memes, edgy jokes and hopefully loot!

Our goal:

Our initial goal will be to clear phase 1 PvE content before the end of the year and to clear all future PvE content before the launch of the next content phase.

Raid Times:

Central European Time

Monday 19:00 - 22:30
Wednesday 19:00 - 22:30
Possible 3rd day during progression

Loot rules:

Loot Council

What we demand:

- You never bring the guild bad reputation
- You don't need to be 18+, but atleast be somewhat mature
- You speak and write english well
- You know/are willing to learn how to play your class
- You learn relevant tactics in advance
- You are helpful and respectful towards your fellow guildmates and faction
- You have a microphone and you use it
- If you sign up, you turn up
- If you turn up, you turn up prepared

Additional info:

- We will not be demanding that you
min-max, but we might require you to change up talents if
we get stuck over longer periods of time.
- You do not need to turn up to every raid, but attendance
will be taken into consideration when distributing loot.
- Don't want to raid? Don't worry! We are also currently accepting social members!

Looking for:

All classes and speccs are currently welcome.

For more info contact #mud2368 on Discord

Apply here:
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