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:flag_dk:[EU-Dansk-PvP] Shazzrah <Cointoss> [Horde]:flag_dk:

:star:About Us:
We are a Danish Classic semi-hardcore guild who will be focusing on building a great Danish community for
people who are hyped for Classic WoW and are excited to go explore the old content. Our main focus will be raiding on a semi-hardcore
level. While also having space for socials and PvP players.

:calendar:Raiding days:
- Monday
- Wednesday
From 18.30 to 21.00 Central European time (GMT+2)

We will be using DKP or Loot council.

:wave: What We Provide:
We provide a strong Danish community with experienced players, great raids and events,
people who are willing to help and guide you with your class and playstyle if its needed.

:crossed_swords:What Are We Looking For:
We are looking dedicated players who are able to attend on the listed days, of all classes for our 20 and 40 mans team and socials for building our community up as the greatest Danish community on our server.

:scroll:More info on your Discord, We are waiting for you so go apply to the community!

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