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Hello, we are looking for people to fill up our group with like-minded people for our new Guild

Who are we?
We are an european group of friends. Some of us are playing together for a long time, but most of us formed in BFA as a rbg-group. We played around 2500, so not too shabby, but what is far more important: we are a non-toxic community. We accept trashtalking, but we won’t accept negative behaviour towards our own members. Our main goal was (and will ever be) to have a competitive, but relaxed, atmosphere.

We all are adults, most in their mid 20s and older, and therefore have a range of casual to hardcore players. This leads to different levels of „being-part-of-the-guild“. You can be casual or hardcore, there are going to be enough people to fit your expectations and lusts.

PvP and PvE orientated we are going to have 2-3 raid days a week in the early stages, and are willing to increase those days when its necessary in later content.

Some of us want to push for r14, so we have some dedicated neckbea… cough … PvP premades when ranks/battlegrounds are released. Alot of our people played in top-tier pvp – no blizzcon champions but skilled enough to have some serious fun.

We aim for an old-school DKP-System for raiding, and have already a Discord with 70+ active members, more coming as soon as classic is in the air – i.e. Friends/family of our members.

Probably there are going to be more than 1 raid group. Main-raiders will have alts and want them to have gear – this is the perfect opportunity for casuals to jump in raids/dungeons/premades.

Another thing are Events! We plan on doing realm-wide PvP events, like duelling tournaments, openworld-pvp-raids and such other stuff.

What are we searching for?
Basically everyone who can identify with this type of community and wants to be a part of it.

We are looking for hardcore people to rush raids/push ranks, as well as casuals who take their time – they can join raids whenever they want. Neckbeards have alts going all the time, so no one will be left out in their leveling/gearing process.

We aim to have a BIG roster, so we are searching for people with experience in Raiding classic – most of us don’t have this knowledge.

We want to have FUN, and we are going to have alot of it. We are grown up childs who want to take their time and place in classic – test everything and play with it. If we have the feeling that members disturb this atmosphere we will take strict consequences, we identify toxic guys if we see one and will get rid of them.

We mostly need warlocks,druids and shamans.
Individuals that stands out will still be considered for all classes.

You should know the game, complete new WoW-player are not what we are searching for explicitly, but we have room for them as casuals – so you can bring your friends/family.

You need to know what you are going for.!
Raider? You will get your BiS, consumables and buffs ready for the raid. Will be there on time, knowing tactics, with time and dedication. We go relaxed, but we go hard. We clear raids asap, and work on the roster and group till we are where we want to be.

PvP? Ranks are probably going to be released before BWL and without battlegrounds – so get suited for some hardcore and long-living open PvP sessions. If you want to rush r14, let me know so we can gather the people.

Raid times will be Wednesday, Thursday, sunday 20-23

People with raider rank will always have priority over others to get into the raid. Since we will be using a DKP system you want to participate as much as possible for the highest chance of gear. There will be NO loot council, it will be strict off DKP. If there is a casual rank who has more DKP than a raider, the casual rank will get the item. More information about DKP will be brought to you in time.
To stay in raider rank you need to:
Have atleast 75% participation on the raids. If you are sick, going on vacation or such just let us know. But if you are too busy to be able to come to atleast 75% of the raids, then casual rank will suit you better.
If you are in the raid team you may not pug, or clear content with other guilds.
You will have to be on time, and let us know if you can’t be.
You will have to be prepared with all supplies you might need, food/flask/potions wise.
You may NOT get negative in times of wipes and struggles.

Casuals? You do your thing! No need to stress for anything, if you hit 60 we get you geared and you can join raids when you want.

Simply join the Discord and DM “Insecurepony”. Hit us up with a little introduction of yourself – experience, time-investment, goals, class/professions (alts?), and any other thing that might be important for us! No need to write a huge text, but if it’s just a one liner, we simply won’t answer that.


See you on the vanilla side of life
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